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Our mindsets determine the way we see the world, as well as, the way we behave and who we are as people.
It’s very easy and normal to stay stuck in fixed mindsets - limiting beliefs about our abilities and skills that prevents us to learn new things.
We can intentionally cultivate a growth mindset that allows to stretch our mind and amplify the realm of possibilities of what we do, and who we are.
Amplifying our mindsets is one of the secrets of success, from most entrepreneurs, freelancers and self-employed professionals and professionals out there.

Jun 4, 2021

In this episode, I interviewed Andrea Waltz about the book she co-authored with Richard Fenton:

Go for NO! YES is the destination NO is how you get there

I spoke about this book in Episode 3 – Failure and The Way to Success.

I was thrilled with this opportunity to speak with Andrea about some of the key concepts behind her book.

We have a natural tendency to avoid NO, and that probably has to do with our fear of rejection.

We are social animals, and this means that we seek social acceptance.

If we see a NO as a rejection, that NO hurts, and we tend to avoid situations that can lead to hearing a NO.

Yet, if we study highly successful people, they don’t see NO or failure as a negative experience.

Nonetheless, that goes so much against our natural tendency, and the way we were raised, that makes us wonder if those people have a success gene that we lack.

“Your fear of hearing the word ‘no’ is the only thing standing between you and greatness.”
Go for NO!, pg. 28)

If this is true, is there a way we can learn to be more at ease with NO, even to want to hear NO?

That’s why I love the Go for NO! book.

In less than 75 pages, Richard and Andrea tell us a powerful story that will shift the way you see a NO forever.

Listen to this interview to learn:

– How the image of the fork in the road – with one road that leads to success and the other to failure – is misleading.

– How failing and being a “failure” are two very different concepts

– How having the goal of getting a “NO” for an answer can literally change your destiny

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