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Our mindsets determine the way we see the world, as well as, the way we behave and who we are as people.
It’s very easy and normal to stay stuck in fixed mindsets - limiting beliefs about our abilities and skills that prevents us to learn new things.
We can intentionally cultivate a growth mindset that allows to stretch our mind and amplify the realm of possibilities of what we do, and who we are.
Amplifying our mindsets is one of the secrets of success, from most entrepreneurs, freelancers and self-employed professionals and professionals out there.

Dec 24, 2021

Don Hutcheson is an entrepreneur for the last 45 years and has created six innovative companies in the fields of career planning, publishing, and advertising. Except for the three years he served in the U.S. Army as a Russian Linguist, he has never had a “boss.” He is also a coach, author, and host of the Discover Your Talent–Do What You Love podcast, on which this episode was originally aired.

Today, we talk about how to change your mindset. We talk about what mindset is, discussing Carol Dweck’s input and the glasses metaphor. We note that the capacity to change is especially important when circumstances demand more flexibility, resilience, and innovative solutions. I also share advice on what to do when you’re finding it hard to change your mindset, emphasizing that, though it is difficult, it’s worth it.

“We have to learn to be forgiving [towards ourselves]--that is part of the process. And by persisting, mainly in the beginning...that is what allows us to transform and then create a new habit.”

- Ana Melikian

This Week on The Mindset Zone:

  • What is mindset?
  • The glasses metaphor of mindset
  • The work of Carol Dweck on growth and fixed mindsets.
  • Learning to identify our fixed mindset and how to talk back to our fixed mindset voice with a growth mindset voice.
  • Going beyond awareness
  • The blind spot analogy 

Resources Mentioned:

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